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I am asking for your vote, and your support to help me win a seat on the City Council of Minnetonka. I am a 37 year old resident of Minnetonka, and I have spent most of my life engaged in politics.  I have come to realize that all politics is local, and it is our municipal government who makes the decisions about the things that affect us personally.

From decisions on our wetlands and lakes, to protecting our neighborhoods, trails and public safety, it is easy to see how quickly a community can fall apart when leadership is not making responsible decisions.  We have all seen a lot of change in our society in the last year and a half, but decisions that affect so many should be based on common sense and science. I wish to bring to our Council, the continued measured and responsible approach to decision making that has made Minnetonka a great place to raise our children and enjoy life together.

As a tradesman for 20 years, I have had the pleasure and honor of working and servicing the neighborhoods of our fine city. Through hard work and the support of my wife, I was fortunate enough to become a resident of Minnetonka, and it has made me realize the importance of protecting what so many who have come before us have built for us to preserve.

I graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2009. I Studied Spanish and Latin American History and earned my bachelor’s degree in journalism. I studied in Costa Rica and Mexico in 2006 and 2009 respectively.  My experience at the University has taught me the value of compromise, how to achieve equitable outcomes with diverse viewpoints, and the importance of constructive democratic debate in order to achieve the best outcome.  

Running a small business has taught me the importance of being fiscally responsible, and to respect others time and capital. Responsibility is the most important characteristic to bring to government and it is with these values that I wish to represent you.

I was married in 2012 to my wife Katie and we have two sons attending Deephaven Elementary.

I enjoy playing hockey, gardening, reading and art.


What I wish to achieve as a City Council Member:

Protecting our wetlands, lakes, parks and trails.

Keeping our roads maintained

Preserve our safe and friendly neighborhoods

Preserving a tradition of responsible common sense decision making


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