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  • Parks and Monuments: A city is judged by what it leaves behind. In a society that is increasingly changing, public monuments of history are being replaced by poorly thought-out concepts, often characterized as Modern Art. We should always strive for excellence in design, in addition to safety and practicality.


  • Public Safety: Minnetonka has a history of excellence in public safety. It is important that our city has council members who wish to preserve this tradition. I will always respect and support the work of our police and fire departments. If tried and tested improvements can be made to policing, I am open to debating them. However, our police should not be the testing ground for social experiments.


  • Parks, Trails, Wetlands, and Greenspace: Minnetonka’s parks system is a natural treasure. I support keeping the parks and trails fully funded. Proposals for new parks and trails should be looked at with a responsible and sustainable vision. Wetland protection is paramount. With new development comes the battle over wetlands, and I pledge to vote to protect the wetlands of our fine city.


  • Energy: In a time of rising inflation and economic uncertainty, it is important to have reliable, sustainable energy. I support research into all energy forms, and to evaluate both the short-term and long-term costs and reliability.


  • Housing: Minnetonka has worked hard to ensure we have a variety of homes that keep our housing stock diverse and desirable. I support keeping our large-lot neighborhoods and adding work-force housing in areas where the infrastructure supports it.


  • Small Business: As a small business owner in Minnetonka for 11 years, I am a natural alley to small business. Small businesses have always been the backbone of the American Dream. In Minnetonka, we are fortunate to have many thriving small businesses. The Covid-19 crisis has been tough on many small businesses (especially restaurants), and it is a tribute to the people of this community that so many have been able to survive. This is because we support our small businesses and this crisis has reminded us all how important they are to our community. Unnecessary top down government regulations can quickly destroy a business whose margins are already thin. I will always defend the small businesses of our community against unnecessary burdensome regulations.


  • Infrastructure: Minnetonka has a great network of well-maintained roads and bridges. In surrounding cities there has been a great expansion in trains. Time will tell if this is something that will prove fruitful for those communities. I would take a fiscally responsible approach to such proposals. We can not engage in deficit spending as a charter city and the only way to pay for such things would be to raise taxes.


  • Fiscal Responsibility: As a fiscal conservative, I will work hard to protect your tax dollars. We need to spend money to keep Minnetonka an excellent place to live, yet every new expenditure needs to be evaluated with common sense. We must preserve our standard of excellence with regard to new projects.

Committee to Elect Marshall Glynn
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